Mr Fixit

So I’m back to trying to develop a writing habit in hopes that I can get myself trained to just sit down and write.  Whatever comes to mind, whatever piques my interest on any given day.

So these days, what am I doing?  I was in a production of Spamalot, did my first role in drag (Dennis’ Mother) and had a really great after project review at work.  Had some family challenges but went back to therapy and got them figured out, or figured out I couldn’t do anything about them, which is what I’m writing about now.

A big part of my identity is tied into my ability to solve problems. That’s what I do for a living. My family problems were something I couldn’t fix, because I wasn’t one of the people directly involved.

It took me a while to accept that I couldn’t fix things, in the process beginning to feel like a real failure.

I think we all pride ourselves on being able to solve our own problems, but we really can’t.  There are a lot of graves full of people who never accepted they couldn’t solve their problems on their own, without anyone’s help.  It’s not that we can’t help ourselves, but we need the help of others on a pretty regular basis in one form or another.  Our doctor helps us get well when we get sick, our friends help us feel less lonely (if they don’t make you feel less lonely, they’re not very good friends, in my opinion, or you need a different sort of friend.)

One of the problems I see constantly among those of the LIbertarian mindset is the denial of this one simple fact.  There isn’t one of us that isn’t dependent upon someone else for something, either for our very existence or at the very least the continued ease of our existence.  The only person truly responsible for themselves is a hermit, living off the land with no resources other than what he creates by his own hand.  I think most people don’t see that as a particularly desirable lifestyle.


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