I Am Most Definitely Down in the Trumps

Mostly, I consider politics a spectator sport, for people too smart to enjoy football.  (That ought to get some outraged comments) I discuss policy and campaign events like some people talk about the latest NFL draft. I generally have friends of the same persuasion, interested in following what is happening in the halls of Congress and the State House as much for entertainment as for the very definite impact it can have on our lives.

I do draw the line at Donald Trump. Politics should be at least somewhat cerebral, at least in my opinion, and Trump brings the level of political discourse down another 30 feet from where it was when Sarah Palin tried to run it into the ground in 2008.

What bothers me is that there are so many people who up until now, were proud of their ignorance and apathy who are falling for this guy’s line of nonsense. To a man (Trump seems to be determined to push women out of his core constituency by being a sexist pig on steroids), they seem to think politics should involve the same kind of trash talk that is usually seen in professional wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts arenas.

“He’s honest and tells it like it is!” they exclaim, not realizing that nothing Trump says is truly like it is. He is the ultimate televangelist, promising a heavenly destination where the dirty immigrants know their place and America is again the school yard bully, rubbing everyone else’s face in our greatness, which is a lie we tell ourselves to cover up for the fact that some of us go to bed hungry or are being forced to give our lunch money to the bullies to keep them from moving our jobs somewhere else.

Some may want to call him a fascist, or the next incarnation of Mussolini, or other overwrought implementations of Godwin’s law, but I am not as dismayed by that aspect of his candidacy. What dismays me is that there are people who actually think he might be competent to hold the nuclear codes and actually try to govern. I can only think they are so disgusted and so disappointed in the government that they put into office, that they just don’t think it matters anymore.

I still have hopes for this country.  I still hope that we will again be a country of ideas and ideals.  I still think we have it in ourselves to be a country that is looked up to rather than feared, or worse ridiculed.

We can do better than this buffoon.


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