Do You Have Any Change?

It seems as though change is inevitable, though never terribly welcome, despite it’s usefulness in the course of politics and business, and sometimes in our personal lives.  Let me give you a few examples.

The current political environment is in large part a confilict between those who are afraid of change to the point of trying to actively prevent it, and those who while not always completely ready for change are at least wiling to adapt to it.

In my career as an Information Technology worker, I’ve learned that change is frequently not appreciated, even by those whose lives it would improve. In many instances, those who stand to gain the most, will resist the most strongly, seeking to sabotage even the most modest of changes in hopes that they can avoid having to change at all.

Unfortunately, resistance to change starts young. My grandson, who still has to have his pants changed for him, screams bloody murder when he’s wet or poopy, but screams even louder during the diapering process. However, unlike some adults I know, he will at least calm down immediately after he adjusts to the new normal.

I’m in the process of making some changes myself going forward into the new year.  Although they are good changes and changes I pursued, there is still the anxiety of doing something different, though it is mixed with the excitement of new opportunities, new people, and new challenges.  I call it anxcitement.  While it is a good feeling, it does result in a lot of soul searching and second guessing as to whether you’ve made the right decision.  But I also think that sometimes it’s the mere fact that you’ve made the decision that counts the most.


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