I am not a big TV watcher.  I would much rather spend my time writing or reading.  However, my wife is an addict.  I’ve suggested unplugging and getting rid of the satellite bill a few times, and she started having panic attacks.

In fact, before we got married, she spent the entire 9 months of the engagement watching a show called “Wedding Story” on TLC or whatever.  After she got pregnant with our son, she watched nothing but “A Baby Story”.  Unfortunately for me, she’s watching nothing but “Divorce Court”

Her tastes tend to run toward whatever happens to be on.  So I get subjected to things like “Long Island Medium”, “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Chopped”, various paranormal investigation shows, and endless reruns of “Criminal Minds”.  I actually don’t mind “Chopped” that much, it’s semi entertaining, but the rest of them just drive me nuts.  “Say Yes to the Dress” is pretty much a no brainer, in that I don’t know a lot of guys that really enjoy watching any of the process of getting married.  Most guys I know would as soon elope or do a quickie at a Wedding Chapel or JP office somewhere.  Guys like being married, while I think women are more excited about the process.

The psychic and paranormal shows are the worst.  It’s not just that I’m a skeptic, it’s that they are so damn boring.  I don’t know how she can enjoy watching the same group of people talking aloud to empty rooms in night vision camera and then starting at any sound.  It’s the same thing each time, with a different location.

She doesn’t really understand my preferences either though.  When I do watch TV, I tend to like things like “Through the Wormhole” or “How It’s Made” or “Bizarre Foods”.  That last one is certainly a hold out from my time as an anthropology major in college, while “How It’s Made” just fascinates me because of the intricacies of making all of the products that I just take for granted every day.  “Through the Wormhole” is fascinating because I’m a science geek, and it’s got Morgan Freeman, which is all anybody really needs.

We have arguments about the TV, she complains I spend all my time on my phone and the laptop, while I complain that I wouldn’t be on the phone or the laptop if she didn’t spend all her time watching TV. It’s for the most part, a stand off.

But I have hopes that someday I will pry her away from the TV long enough to play a game of Scrabble, and she has hopes that some day she’ll pry me away from the computer long enough to do some of the little remodeling projects she wants done around the house.  I hope that we’re both right, and that electronics won’t become the third party of a not that romantic triangle.


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