So much for good intentions

It’s been more than 6 months since I last wrote anything here.  Funny how real life gets in the way of our best laid plans, whether we are mice or men or some other species.  I keep thinking that I should perhaps apply to membership elsewhere since this one doesn’t always seem to be working as well as I’d like.  I’m not sure any of the other higher orders would take me, since I don’t swim well enough to be a cetacean and I’m not hairy enough to be a bonobo, so I guess I’m stuck.

I have managed to drop over 20 pounds off my porcine (the pigs wouldn’t take me either) form with the help of my doctor,  so something is going right.  Funny how taking that much off has already started to make my knees feel better.  Next step will be to start walking to accelerate the weight loss process and to start regaining back my stamina.

Professionally I’m finally starting to learn to code in C# after having put it off for the last 5 years.  I’ve never been real fond of C type syntax, it’s always seemed overly fussy to me.  The c# coders I’ve run into in the forums where vs C# are discussed have all seemed to have a gigantic stick up their arses.  But it’s where the money is, and it’s where I need to be.  I’m learning, though, that it’s not as aggravating as I had once thought and that I’m capable of learning a new language after all.  Curly braces are still a pain in the ass, though.

My only hobby these days seems to be tweaking noses in the comments of my sort of local newspaper.   I can’t say I have a following, but I do get enough people that like my posts that I feel a small sense of accomplishment.  Kind of sad that my primary form of validation comes from complete strangers online, but I guess if you’ve gotta get it from somewhere there are worse places to get it from.  There’s a certain joy in verbal fisticuffs I guess.