Paving Stones of Good Intention

1960 Chevrolet Corvair

I had every intention of writing something here everyday when I started this over 2 weeks ago, but life and inertia have a way of getting in the way.  Between a project that’s 2 months past due (an artificial deadline that was meaningless in it’s impossibility) and looming unemployment at the end of said project (money ran out, and I’m a contractor), other urgent priorities have been taking the place of time spent writing.

The project was one that appeared disarmingly simple to begin with, a white expanse of pristine spreadsheets, only to reveal a hull rending disaster of requirements once the project started.  I was hoping to be the King of the World, but instead ended up going down with the ship.

I take that back. Despite the overlong delivery process, the end users are much happier with what I built and I think management will like the reports as well.  I think the problem is that they just wanted it yesterday rather than a few days from now. Thankfully I’m almost done.

I think there are an awful lot of things that look simple and then turn out to be just horrific, just as there are many things that look horrific and turn out to be rather simple.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking past whatever it is that you see immediately and trying to look for other things that aren’t readily apparent.

That applies to a 50 year old body as well, or I should say a 51 year old body, as I have now passed another year of existence and must either celebrate having made it this far, or bemoan my existence, which I prefer not to do.  I feel like a 1962 Corvair that is still unsafe at any speed and whose engine needs a complete overhaul.  However the owner simply keeps changing the oil and calling it good.  I backfire, I burn oil, and my undercarriage is rusting out, mostly my knees.  I suspect I”ll need knee replacement surgery eventually, but I think I can last a while longer.

I went to the doctor last week to see the diabetes specialist.  I’m not diabetic yet, but I’m edging into it, and am starting to have some of the symptoms typically associated with it.  Diabetes is a lot like global warming, it sneaks up on you.  You know you should do something about it, but it’s just easier to deny it and keep doing the same bad things you have always done.  Now I’m starting to suffer the consequences.

Thursday my blood work came back and I apparently have a vitamin D deficiency, so they have me on 2000 mg of Vitamin D every day until I get back into the normal range.  This probably explains why I’ve been tired, and hurting all the time for the last year or so.  I also have a low testosterone level, which means the boys ain’t working quite so well.  Although being 180 pounds overweight, and not exercising at all (because I hurt and because I’m always tired) are both prime contributors.  I’m a little apprehensive about going on hormone replacement therapy, so I’m inclined to try changing some habits first.

So I’m going to try like hell to get back to writing every day again.  I have a short story on my Alphawriter Neo that I’m working on, and I think if I just sit down and write for 20 minutes, I can get 500 words down without killing myself.

Now to just do it.


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